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EmbrosewynEmbrosewyn Tazkuvel

One of my first childhood memories was of seeing beautiful rainbow auras of light around the heads of people young and old. It began a lifetime of observation, study and experimentation with a wide variety of psychic and paranormal phenomena that has now eclipsed six decades.
Married to my exploration of the supernatural has been a deep spiritual journey to understand and commune with the source of all the magic I found in the world. It has not been merely an intellectual exercise for me. In times more than I can count, I have experienced the wonder and power of the supernatural. Call it magic, magick or miracles, I know they are real, because I have lived and experienced them, time and time again.

I realize my life's journey has been a true blessing greater than I can ever pay back. This has certainly influenced me with a passionate desire to help the people of the world. Many of my books are written with that goal in mind. I believe there is greatness inside every person, calling for someone even greater to emerge. Knowing the secrets to unleashing the magic inside of you is more empowering than anything you can imagine. Your possibilities are as limitless as your imagination, coupled with your knowledge, and your desire to make it so.

I've been fortunate to have traveled to many countries around the world and have interacted with people from the president of the country to the family living in a shack with a dirt floor. Being among people of many cultures, religions and social standings, watching them in their daily lives, seeing their hopes and aspirations for their children and the joys they have with their families and friends, has continually struck me with a deep feeling of oneness. I've been with elderly people as they breathed their last breath and at the birth of babies when they take their first. It's all very humbling. This amazing world we live in and the wonderful people that fill it have given me so much. Writing and sharing the secrets of how everyone can experience magic in their life, is my way to give back as much as I can to as many people as I can.

SumaraSumara Elan Love

A gifted artist and graphic designer, Sumara has an unusual array of life experiences that have helped her to make empathetic connections to people from all walks of life and psychically discover the art that most resonates with who they really are. Being able to view your own Soul Art each day, especially when coupled with your Soul Name and the meanings and powers of the sounds, creates an inner peace and resolve to live up to your potential.

As Sumara was growing up, her parents believed strongly in the value of experiencing other cultures. From their home in Michigan, the family made annual visits to many countries around the world. Sumara had the opportunity to observe first hand the differences between the rich and poor, the have's and have-nots and to seek out and find the common threads of humanity that connect them, even while economic disparity separated them.

When Sumara was teenager, her family traveled to South Africa where her father established businesses to provide good paying jobs and opportunities for the native citizens. During the height of apartheid, she witnessed the disillusionment and frustration of the common people. She also was invited with her parents to attended formal gatherings at the Presidential Palace and had the opportunity to observe the white minority leaders as they nervously tried to hold onto untenable power.
In her twenties, she lived for seven years in a primitive Native American community, where she bore her first three children. From living in a luxurious home on the lake as a teenager, she had no trouble moving into to a small wikiup in the Native American community. Life in a close community was a mixture of great friendships formed, and many varied life lessons learned, including the value of sacrifice.

Because there were so many people to share responsibilities, Sumara had more free time than should would have had in a traditional fast-paced American life. She made good use of her freedom by practicing and further developing her artistic skills. It was only natural years later, that her artistic talent would merge with the empathy she had developed with all people from her extensive travel experiences, to forge a psychic ability to tune into the art that would most represent a person's Soul Essence and then express it in a beautiful and memorable way.

SkyeSkye Lani

From an early age Skye was different. Growing up in a strict religious upbringing, she was continually interested in things like crystals and psychic powers that good young ladies were not supposed to be interested in. Once she left her church in early adulthood, she was free to let her natural affinity for the mysterious and paranormal have free reign. and she loved it!

Skye also has had an abiding interest in the workings of the human body and the power of energy to heal even the worse infirmities both of the body and the mind. For years she has experimented with a multitude of alternative healing methods from the use of the energy of crystals and minerals, to auric touch healing, and even simple positive affirmations. In the course of her training she studied Radionics, became a Reiki Master, a Matrix Energetics Practitioner, and an Adept of Celestine Vibronics.

Never an adherent to just one system or method, Skye is always open and willing to learn new techniques to heal the human body and help each person reach their fuller potential. In her search for discovering what works and learning what doesn't so she can cast it on the wayside, Skye immersed herself in the learning the healing techniques of EFT. She found it to have quick and often profound results with a wide range of problems, including physical illness, mental weakness and emotional distress. Soon she was using EFT to help clients eliminate the blockages that were holding them back from good health or success at love, work or whatever endeavor they desired.

One common thread Skye noted in all successful forms of alternative healing was the importance of auric energy and the direct connection with virtually any problem to one or more energy centers within the human body. Commonly called "Chakras� or �Root Ki� in Celestine Vibronics, balancing the energy centers, enabling them to all be moving at good speeds and directions, having a harmony and synergy with one another, takes only minutes, but can produce dramatic and immediate affects that linger in a beneficial glow long afterward.

As an easily teachable skill, Skye added Chakra Balancing to her array of services as after one quick lesson via a Skype video call a client will not only have their energy centers balanced and invigorated, but they learn how to do it themselves from that point on, insuring they always have a ready means to pick themselves up energetically whenever they are down, regardless of the cause.


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