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Every person has an aura, an energy field surrounding and emanating from their body. There are seven main energy centers located inside the body that are the primary generators of the auric field. These energy centers are commonly known as Chakras or Root Ki�s.

The health of the human body is very evident in the vitality of the Root Ki energy centers, which are in constant movement. When they are vibrant and moving smoothly and omni-directionally it is reflected in a healthy, energetic body. When a person is weakened from physical illness, emotional or psychological distress, or any other cause, it is also reflected in the Root Ki energy centers, which slow down their movement, become dull in appearance, shrink in size and in serious cases become quite morbid overall.

There is also an important connection between all of the energy centers. They are linked. And like the weak link in a chain, when one is out of sync it throws all of the others off as well.

Like muscles, the energy centers need to be purposefully exercised and worked to be at their optimum. Otherwise, weaknesses in the energy centers may even become the cause of the illnesses and distress in the body. When the energy centers are balanced they will be spinning in harmony and vibrancy together. But when one is out of balance or weakened it can become stuck, spin in just one direction instead of omni-directionally, create holes in the auric field, or energy tumors directly on the energy center that obstruct their movement. Vortexes may emerge that interfere and often prevent the natural flow of energy between centers.

Bad personal experience can often lead to energy field disruptions that can have very profound and noticeable affects. Due to bad experiences in life, people often subconsciously create energy walls around one or more of their energy centers. This is very commonly seen in the heart center. It is an instinctual way people who have been hurt protect themselves from being hurt like that again. But walling off part of your natural energy flow, can have cascading repercussions on many other aspects of your life. In trying to prevent a repeat of past pains, you may be stifling your energy centers and creating other forms of physical, mental and emotional illness or distress.

The good news is the process can work in reverse. While the Root Ki energy centers are reflective of the physical, emotional and psychological condition of the body, they can also be the active cure. Intentionally energizing and expanding them, purposefully targeting them for strengthening and stimulation, can directly improve all manner of physical, mental and emotional challenges and blockages.

A general energy balancing session includes checking your aura for any negative attachments, such as energy cords to other people, auric parasites, or any other external cause that may be draining or disrupting your energy. We will also determine your overall auric strength, your Gold Band of happiness, identify specific areas of weakness and expand and spin each Root Ki, bringing in the color which strengthens each one and strengthen your auric field by expanding and contracting every energy center just like a muscle. You will feel refreshed and invigorated. It is like a massage for your energy! If there are specific areas that need extra help we will use multiple energy tools and techniques to improve the energy, remove blockages and help alleviate the problems.

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