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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) SESSION WITH SKYE

The energy system of our body is fueled by electrical impulses that run through the body. Every time you have a strong negative emotion that impacts your energy, it can cause an energetic blockage in your body. This in turn can lead to noticeable physical affects. Everything from simple tensed muscles in the neck and shoulders, to headaches and increased susceptibility to major illness.

Where negative emotions impacts your body depends upon what the emotion was. For instance, anger, and jealousy, though they may occur together may find different places to reside energetically within your body.

The accumulation of negative energy in certain locations within your body begins from birth. Many of your pains, illnesses, negative patterns and self-sabotaging actions can come from these blockages. EFT has become one of the quickest and easiest methods of removing the blocks, Using EFT, rapidly allows the negative emotions, patterns, pains or illnesses to most often totally disappear.

It helps and usually completely eradicates just about anything you can think of�irrational fears, phobias, anger, addictions, depression, grief, guilt, anxiety, trauma from any kind of physical/emotional abuse, headaches, asthma, tension, back and neck pains and any other pains, as well as major illnesses.

Instead of bringing up a problem and continually talking about it, which is a method preferred by psychiatrists and sometimes helps and sometimes just keeps the problem stirred up, EFT seems to get to the root of the issue and release it. The results are long lasting and usually permanent.

I have worked with EFT for 9 years and have experienced and seen miraculous results! You can stop patterns of attracting the wrong mate, always being in debt and never having enough money and literally improve anything, such as your self image, relationships, skills, grades in school, athletic ability, etc.

EFT has been in the public eye for over 20 years and its premise goes back thousands of years in Asian cultures. It uses energy meridian points in the body. Many of our world�s renowned healers are talking of and using EFT and can be seen on talk shows and U-Tube. It is so simple and easy to learn to use on yourself. I use it daily on so many little things that come up. Literally there is nothing you cannot use it on and receive great results!
When you change your energy patterns it will affect those around you and you will be amazed when using it with any kind of relationship issue or problem.

I can do a session with you and show you how to continue working with this amazing practice all by yourself. If you have a particularly strong emotional issue, it is helpful to let me do a few sessions with you, but usually one is enough to get you started on your way to healing your life!

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